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Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions 3.0

May 25, 2017
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500
US Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20530
Dear President Trump and Attorney General Sessions:
This may be helpful to resolve--- both in terms of coming to a peaceful resolution of our intergovernmental understandings, and in terms of getting the court system in this country working as it should again.  A country without justice and without an honest court system can never be great again, so let’s start there.
Back in 1994 this information passed over my desk and when a friend mentioned it to me this morning, I had reason to recall it and paw through the archives to find the 1994 US Government Manual, at page 390, where it says that the Attorney General is the permanent representative of INTERPOL, and the Secretary of Treasury is the alternate member.
Under Article 30 of the INTERPOL constitution, these individuals must expatriate their citizenship. They serve no allegiance to the United States of America.
So, Mr. Sessions, where is your FARA registration lodged?  And who are you working for now?  And under what authority? Presumably all the “state of state” Attorney General franchises are under the same authority?  And also have their Foreign Agents Registration on file somewhere? 
The people who live in this country and who are supposed to be protected by you, Mr. Sessions, really want to know the answers to these questions. 
Since 1999 when the bankruptcy of the United States of America settled, our actual land jurisdiction state governments operating as the Alaska State, California State, et alia, have been up and operating and have had our Notices and other paperwork on file with the World Court. 
By what stretch of the imagination, then, have District Courts and the State of State organizations continued to presume that we aren’t in charge of our own business, and that we don’t have a population of our own people who never actually left their lawful standing and nation-state despite self-interested fraud by FDR and others?
As Mr. Trump recently experienced in his head-butting with the Ninth Circuit, the court system here is highly politicized, but that is actually the least of its problems.
Every time a prosecutor or a litigant plaintiff brings a charge in one of these private corporate tribunals operated “as” courts they must post a Bid Bond, and they have to post it in Good Faith--- at least according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  How is that possible, Mr. Sessions, when the majority of the cases involve parties who are not knowingly operating as corporations nor as corporate franchises?
Millions of people have been purposefully misidentified as Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the Territorial United States and millions more have been similarly misidentified as ESTATE Trusts or Public Transmitting Utility franchise operators employed by the Municipal United States---- and this is all just self-interested fraud and bull poopy, to quote Ross Perot.
This whole situation is both illegal and unlawful, but most of all, it is immoral.
Last year, I sent out a simple Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation and an Immediate Order to Cease and Desist, objecting to the practice of personage and barratry rampant in this country.  A copy of the two (2) page document is attached to this letter.  It forbids the practice of using GLOSSA, otherwise known as “Dog Latin” and “American Sign Language” to misrepresent the content of legal documents that otherwise appear to be written in English and what otherwise appears to be NAMES of living people: JOHN SILAS DOE and JOHN S. DOE for example, so as to confuse the real parties of interest in these cases and claims.   
The living people of the fifty (50) American states are depending on you, Mr. Sessions, to secure and respect the lawful operations of our state and county land jurisdiction courts and to ride herd on all the District Courts and Territorial State of State Courts to ensure their proper limits and operations.  The abuse of the 150 year-old Reconstruction Acts by the members of the American Bar Association and members of Congress must come to an end. 
There was in fact no “Civil War” ever declared by Congress and no Peace Treaty, either.  All that exists in the public record are declarations made by Presidents of commercial companies and corporations.  What we call the “American Civil War” was nothing but a private, illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores, and the guilty parties on both sides have milked it for all its worth. 
If you are serious about making “America Great Again” we need to remember what made it great in the first place, and it wasn’t because of any Nanny State or “Democracy” or because  a couple gigantic commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services cheated and defrauded their employers--- the actual states and people.
Conscripting Americans into Territorial and Municipal jurisdictions without their knowing consent, foisting PERSONS merely named after them onto them to expedite the personage and barratry scheme, and then holding them liable for the actions and debts of various governmental services corporations is a form of criminality associated with the Dark Ages – feudalism--and it has no plausible excuse for being practiced on American state soil by a foreign municipal government that is supposed to be strictly limited in scope and location to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.
Is it possible that these many thousands of “government” employees can’t read?  Or are we to understand that our employees are in rebellion against the actual Constitution and the Federal Territorial Constitution as well?  If so, Mr. Sessions, it is your duty to inform Interpol and order the arrest of all those in Washington DC who are involved in this criminal plot. 
As recent court actions have proven, there is no specific allowance for the Territorial United States to operate any “State of State” franchises on our soil.   In view of their participation in fraud schemes meant to disinherit the people of this country and unlawfully convert our assets under color of law, hosting these State of State franchises of the Territorial United States is obviously not working out for us.
In fact, we understand that the Territorial United States surreptitiously offered our land as security for the bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc. circa 1907, and that when the bankruptcy of that entity ended circa 1953, the color-of-law land titles were not returned to the states and the people.  This is an egregious disservice that was never admitted, so it could never be straightened out.  Instead, the next generation of administrators rolled our land holdings into a giant trust and pretended that the original landlords were “absent” and their locations “unknown” and assigned themselves the position of presumed beneficiaries.
Do you know how bad this stinks?
We are here, right where we have been for generations.   I, for one, have requested an in-depth title search to land owed to my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all the way back to before the so-called “Civil War” and our family still holds title to it, though we are owed the land patent instead.
This kind of unlawful conversion of property and beneficial interest has been practiced against us--- your employers, the nice trusting people who ultimately pay for all these departments and personnel – since 1860.  It’s time for it to end and for the land and land assets to come home.  
Gentlemen, there is absolutely no provision for the Municipal United States to operate “STATE OF STATE” organizations on our soil and there never was.  This is a blatant and unwelcome trespass upon our sovereign authority that the Territorial United States is responsible for.
We are operating our actual unincorporated businesses dba Colorado State, Florida State, et alia, that are owed to the formerly bankrupted land jurisdiction states.   The World Court has been advised since 1998.  The BIS has been notified since 2000.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that we have pursued our inheritance and our rightful place.  
We are objecting to the presence of the Municipal United States on our shores outside the District of Columbia, and if you, Mr. Sessions, are indeed operating as the chief contact with Interpol, you should be fully informed and advised that: (1) our lawful states and state courts are operating and serving the people, not any PERSONS; (2) the corporate tribunals being run as District Courts are operating in blatant fraud and it is a disservice to everyone involved that they are; (3) we have suffered long-term, blatant, purposeful attacks in international jurisdiction infringing our copyrights, entangling us improperly in bankruptcies, stealing our identities, and have suffered press-ganging, involuntary conscription, kidnapping, identity theft, enslavement, and many, many other crimes committed against us by people taking their paychecks from our pockets.  
There is indeed “something rotten in Denmark” but it is not the people of this country and it is not their states of the Union at fault.  Instead, the fraud since 1860 is the unique problem of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and it amounts to a gross Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract which has been given Notice and Due Process for over a decade.
We are not being represented properly so it is therefore entirely necessary and proper that we present ourselves and settle our own issues.
We request that you, Mr. Sessions, take action to clean up the court system in this country.  Make sure that District Courts and federated “State of State” courts are not presuming upon American state nationals who bear no responsibilities of citizenship and who are not naturally subject to the government of the Territorial United States nor the Municipal United States. 
The actual people belong with us and to our states, Mr. Sessions.  Only the “persons” --- most of which have been created under conditions of fraud and copyright infringement—belong to you. 
We request that you, Mr. President, lean on Mr. Sessions to make sure this gets done, and that all the district courts and federated “state of state” courts operating in this country are either shut down in the case of Municipal United States STATE OF STATE operations, or rigorously required to observe their proper limitations with respect to the actual states and people in the case of Territorial United States Courts.
As the Fiduciary acting in behalf of the actual land jurisdiction states and specifically in behalf of the Colorado State and the Nevada State, I request the immediate release and return of the Bundys who are peaceful Nevada State “vessels” engaged in international trade--- Protected Persons – who have been improperly arrested and detained under false presumptions of municipal citizenship by the STATE OF NEVADA and also request the release of the Colorado State Judges who have been similarly wrongfully attacked, mischaracterized and assaulted in violation of their Constitutional guarantees by the STATE OF COLORADO--- neither one of which--- STATE OF NEVADA or STATE OF COLORADO--- have any right to be on our soil in the first place.   
We have declared and are declaring to the entire Earth that our land is ours, and despite chicanery to the contrary, we are still here and still the landlords--- yes, we mean that literally.  Our land.  Not yours.  Not the Secondaries in a fraudulent bankruptcy.  Not the merely “presumed” Beneficiaries.  Read it. Hear it. Know it for sure.  The heirs of the American states known as American state nationals did not disappear and did not knowingly, willingly declaim their birthright inheritance, either.
You are operating the corporations that are supposed to be delivering the “essential governmental services” our states contracted to receive.  You are supposedly familiar with Article IV of the agreement allowing your organizations and employees known as “citizens” to be here on Nevada State and Colorado State soil.   There is no provision for these incorporated Municipal United States franchises dba STATE OF NEVADA and STATE OF COLORADO to be on our soil and there is certainly no excuse for the Territorial United States allowing these foreign entities to run roughshod over the actual states and people in violation of its own contract and obligation to our national trust.

                                                     Judge Anna Maria Riezinger



Trump Should Use the Executive Order to End EPA’s First Great Scam, ChemTrails.

Mark the date, September 2000.
In the waning days of the Clinton presidency, and against a backdrop of questions from around the country that people were reporting aircraft spraying the skies all across America, and no one in government would admit it was going on, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Policy Statement; namely that our eyes were deceiving us.
EPA said those streams across the sky were con-trails, the natural vapor trails of commercial aircraft and not chem-trails spraying stuff in the sky. In fact, EPA insisted there are no such things as chem-trails.
That’s been their story and they’ve been sticking to it for over sixteen years now.
Most of the people working at EPA in 2000 have moved on, replaced by a new generation who were teenagers when the original edict was issued. So I doubt if many in EPA even questions this Policy, not that bureaucrats are inclined in that direction in the first place, and doubly so since, rising at the same time, the Climate Change movement, (know then as “Global Warming”) would emerge as a very profitable activist movement to control human behavior worldwide, pitting the power of the state to prevent Man from killing the earth against free men’s unrestricted access to automobiles, fossil fuels for power and electricity, and sating our appetites for red meat on the back of cow flatulence.
Consequently, even though I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, I do believe in conspiracies, especially if government-by-bureaucracy is at the center of them. While many chem-trail believers are driven to go a bridge too far and join the wacko brigades by claiming all sorts of weird purposes behind these flights, the general notion that there really is a One-World Big Government conspiracy out there, consisting of an alliance between several global corporations and industrial nations, would be worth at least considering. Especially since it’s one a free people can do something about, as America did only recently.
If you’re not familiar with chem-trails, in January, 2015 I published  an article here, “Chemtrails and the Great EPA Conspiracy” to explain them in a common-sensical way. But most people who are familiar with them put this belief right up there next to the fluoridation of water scare in the 1950s or that Bush and Cheney were behind the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers, and, as I said, without much thought.
But if you’re over 45, you’ve probably noticed a great increase in the “willing dupability” of a lot of people especially of the most recent generation, born in the mid-1980s. You may also have noticed that America’s capacity for simple common sense, critical thinking, and even a simple inquisitiveness about the world around us has diminished.
This is the kind of awareness a government bureaucracy likes to manage.
So while maybe many were asking questions about all those trails in the sky in 1999, far fewer are looking up and asking the same questions today, in part out of fear of being tagged as weirdo conspiracy-theorists…of which, as just mentioned, there are a few. Over the past few years I have seen many younger conservatives blow off chem-trails with knee-jerk predictability that they probably learned in grade school.
Today, I just know that logic is not an avenue to pursue in order to open a dialogue.
So read my 2015 article. Chem-trails as facts are easy to understand. What I have learned from tech-savvy conservatives is how a lie or a fraud can still become a common truth to some of the best of millennial minds.
But proving chem-trails is only half of the conspiracy. That the government won’t admit it is the other half. It doesn’t matter what their reasons are; benign, malevolent, generational stupidity, or just an old fashioned refusal of any bureaucracy to be transparent.
It is the “official truth”, and a hundred years from now it will be the only truth because it has withstood time. The government knows they have time on their side to make any lie the truth. All they have to possess is the requisite intent, keep it official, and the ability to marginalize any dissent.  The government (at least on the left) knows how they can orchestrate the kookification of just about anyone who challenges them. Seeing how bureaucrats have been able to rewrite the factual events at Benghazi just two years ago, we know it’s far easier to pull off such a lie today than in 1986. EPA operates inside an information-control regime of fact vs official truth, and they control it by being able to turn every questioner of “government truths” into a object of criminal investigation (IRS) or a kook-attack.
That the EPA won’t admit that chemtrails even exist is the real conspiracy, and the conspiracy theorists are missing it. That’s the only conspiracy that matters.
The correct question to ask isn’t “Why are you seeding?”, but “Why are you lying?” Once established, then just follow the evidence, and sweep away the old EPA of the past 25 years forever.
Donald Trump can end this “official policy” simply by rescinding the 2000 EPA Statement and throwing the files open to show the “benign” nature of these flights.
Then throw the  floor open for debate.

WHY is the USA sitting on advanced technology

Fire Sale In The Gulf States

We all know that the US has been sitting on highly advanced technology that has never been released.
(WHY is the USA sitting on advanced technology, REFUSING TO RELEASE, that would greatly benefit human- kind - in health issues, transportation, education, housing, etc?)
The Tesla tower 100 years ago, that is ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago, was suppressed because it would have given everyone free electricity and J.P. Morgan would not have been able to “put a meter on it,”and rob us all blind for the last century and a bit.
Many patents in the last 70 years have been bought out and put in the bottom draw never to be developed, and those who did not willingly “sell “out their patents, as usual, committed “suicide,” "died from “cancer” or had a "terrible car accident". Oh, I forgot one - died in an “aircraft” crash!
Many US companies in the last 20 years have all moved to China. ( See Chevrolet, Monsanto, Universal Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Bain and the Men Behind The Curtain ) basically selling off old stock and making huge profits while in the background setting up new ones back in the US that will shape the 21st century.
3D printing, robotics and computers.  The “industrial age” is now officially over. Where once a factory employed 1,000 people, they now only need to employ five who are skilled and trained in these new technologies. This drastically reduces the cost of and increases profit margins without the hassle of restrictions on minimum wage laws, health benefits or trade unions and strikes.
Anyone who has been following the war in the Middle East and the 'civil war' in Ukraine has become fully aware that the technology used by Russia ,on the surface, far outstrips what we have seen from the US military industrial complex. (* Do We Really Want a New World War With Russia?) At times it has been positively embarrassing for the pentagram (sorry - Pentagon).
The key here to the US arms deal with Saudi Arabia is that companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Halliburton and Raytheon are not only going to sell them billions worth in armaments, but are going to move manufacturing to the Middle East. Let that sink in…. (Many of these moves are done with the proceeds of 'bail ins' paid for by Americans under the guise of creating more jobs for Americans)
Now where have I heard that before? Ah, yes…. China. In other words, a fire sale of old stock. We have no idea or  rather we DO, of what these Gulf states are now going to do with all these weapons. Become fascist military police states (the playbook is so worn out by now I could scream) with some very dangerous toys that could well end up wiping out the whole of the Middle East in a very dangerous attempt at creating an Islamic Wahhabi Caliphate.
But again, as I have suggested before, my concern is not with Iran and Syria. I believe that could very well end up in a Mexican standoff. My concern is with the whole of  Africa where I strongly suspect colonization will continue under the cover of extremist Islamic religion in order to take over all their resources. Third verse same as the first.
And you can be sure that the same players involved in the “Assad must go” mantra are already involved in the forward planning of that invasion and have been for the last six years.
Libya and  Boko Haram was only the beginning. African nations and leaders who have not been bribed and bought off by banking interests in Dubai, Doha or Kuwait city and willingly opened their doors to Muslim conversion will find themselves prime targets for “color revolutions,” “African Springs,” civil war,  “rebels,” “terrorists” and the like. The award-winning film, Timbuktu, is worth watching in this regard. It shows the absurdity of Islamic extremism through African eyes.
African women will find themselves subjugated and walking around in black tents. Slavery and human trafficking will be on the increase, pedophilia statistics will rise, the organ harvesting business will go into overdrive while vast tracts of land that were once used for food production by the people of these countries will either be handed over to corporate genetically modified food corporations or for the production of narcotics as we have seen in Afghanistan.
The ongoing atrocities in the Congo for over a century and the silence in the media and at the UN, is yet another example of this heart of darkness that has mission creeped onto the continent. Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth is another good film to watch.
Also, watch out for genocidal sudden outbreaks of ebola and similar viruses. Depopulation of vast land masses and land theft can take forms other than war.
But back in the good ol US of A, technology that has been kept under wraps for almost a century will suddenly be pulled out of mothballs.
Anti-gravity vehicles, robotic soldiers, laser weapons directed from satellites and drones developed to a whole new level are some minor examples. And the other all time favorite for countries who do not tow the line - weather warfare. (Haarp and chemtrails)
Engineered droughts, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes causing devastation to local populations and the subsequent destruction of their means of survival and infrastructure are another means of getting “rogue nations”to see things their way.  (Haarp and chemtrails)
The weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, along with moving manufacturing to the Middle East, will look decidedly 20th century in retrospect.
By comparison the US military industrial complex will march on well into the 21st century and beyond, having sold all their outdated weaponry and technology on a fire sale. 
* Do We Really Want a New World War With Russia?
Just WHO would a war serve?  Whose agenda and would receive the prosperity?  A war would make billions for the banksters/murderers and those ruling and reigning over the people and their 'governments'.  A war would greatly assist in the Agenda 21 / 2020 / 2060 goal of depopulating the planet. A war would accomplish no good end and would yet again cause a massive loss of life and grief beyond compare. Why would the earth's population even consider and ALLOW such a war, moreover even agree to participate in it (serve in the enemies militaries)?  Rebel against war  - REFUSE to take up arms against other nations and peoples or even those within your own nation.  Position against the enemy within that demands such a war, not caring about others being hurt, maimed and killed but watch from their multi-million dollar retreats while reclining on gold trimmed chairs covered in the finest silks. WHEN will humanity rise up and DEMAND an end to their captivity and slavery - or are the people too comfortable to care?


FINALLY! A LEADER who can say 'NO!' to pork barrel budgeting!!!!


Globe Staff 

What follows is a list of the major programs, agencies, and initiatives that President Donald Trump’s budget proposal calls for eliminating funding for entirely, and how much those cuts are estimated to save.

In many cases, the proposal calls for ending these efforts because the Trump administration believes they are wasteful, outdated, duplicative, their impact is unproven, or they handle matters that should be funded by states or private sources.
Some of the cuts below are similar to ones outlined in a previous, less-detailed budget proposal the administration released in March.
That previous blueprint only included proposals related to what’s known as discretionary spending, the portion of the federal budget that Congress must approve every year by passing specific spending legislation.
Trump’s latest plan, formally released Tuesday, proposes changes not only to discretionary spending, but also to spending on so-called mandatory programs, which can only be changed by revising the underlying laws that created them.
In total, the proposed cuts would slash tens of billions of dollars from the federal budget.
(The following list shows independent agencies first, then multi-agency cuts, and then is organized by department name alphabetically. Under each department name, the largest cuts in terms of funding are shown first. The savings figures show the administration’s estimates of how much would be saved in the coming fiscal year, unless otherwise noted.) 

Independent Agencies

 • Corporation for National and Community Service — $958 million
• Corporation for Public Broadcasting — $454 million
• Legal Services Corporation — $351 million
• Institute of Museum and Library Services — $207 million
• Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation — $148 million
• Appalachian Regional Commission — $119 million
• National Endowment for the Arts — $119 million
• National Endowment for the Humanities — $106 million
• US Trade and Development Agency — $48 million
• African Development Foundation — $22 million
• Delta Regional Authority — $22 million
• Overseas Private Investment Corporation — $22 million
• Inter-American Foundation — $17 million
• US Institute of Peace — $16 million
• Denali Commission — $8 million
• Northern Border Regional Commission — $7 million
• Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars — $4 million
• Chemical Safety Board — $2 million
• Securities and Exchange Commission’s Reserve Fund — $200 million (over five years); $450 million (over 10 years)


• Repeal and replace Obamacare — $15 billion (over five years); $250 billion (over 10 years)
• Allocations to the Housing Trust Fund and Capital Magnet Fund — $1.043 billion (over five years); $2.846 billion (over 10 years)
• Workers’ Compensation (WC) Reverse Offset — $39 million (over five years); $164 million (over 10 years)


• Rural water and wastewater loan and grant program — $498 million
• McGovern-Dole International Food for Education program, which aims to reduce food insecurity — $201 million
• Rural Business and Cooperative Service programs — $95 million
• Rural single family housing direct loan program — $61 million
• Interest Payments to Electric and Telecommunications Utilities — $685 million (over five years); $1.377 billion (over 10 years)
• Rural Economic Development Program — $477 million (over 5 or 10 years)
• Eliminate Harvest Price Option for Crop Insurance — $5.102 billion (over five years); $11.923 billion (over 10 years)
• Eliminate Small Programs — $1.402 billion (over five years); $3.077 billion (over 10 years)


• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grant and education programs, including Sea Grant, the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, Coastal Zone Management Grants, the Office of Education, and the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund — $262 million
• Economic Development Administration, which provides small grants — $221 million
• Federal funding for Manufacturing Extension Partnership program, which subsidizes state centers that provide consulting services to small- and medium-size manufacturers — $124 million
• Minority Business Development Agency, which promotes minority business entrepreneurship — $26 million

Corps of Engineers

• Divest federal government of the Washington Aqueduct, which is the wholesale water supply system for Washington, D.C.; Arlington County, Virginia; and parts of Fairfax County, Virginia — $119 million (over five or 10 years) 


• Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants program — $2.345 billion
• 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, which supports before- and after-school programs as well as summer programs — $1.164 billion
• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant program, which delivers need-based student financial aid — $732 million
• Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants — $277 million
• Comprehensive Literacy Development Grants — $190 million
• Strengthening Institutions — $86 million
• International Education and Foreign Language Studies Domestic and Overseas Programs, which are designed to strengthen the capability and performance of American education in foreign languages and international studies — $72 million
• Impact Aid Payments for Federal Property — $67 million
• Teacher Quality Partnership — $43 million
• Account Maintenance Fee Payments to Guaranty Agencies — $443 million (over 5 or 10 years)
• Public Service Loan Forgiveness — $10.213 billion (over 5 years); $27.471 billion (over 10 years)
• Subsidized Loans — $14.297 billion (over five years); $38.873 billion (over 10 years)


• Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy — $316 million
• Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility — $61 million
• Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program and Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, which are involved in disruptive energy research and development and innovative technologies — $21 million
• Repeal Borrowing Authority for Western Area Power Administration — $3.99 billion (over five years); $4.425 billion (over 10 years)
• Divest transmission assets of the Power Marketing Administrations, which include Southwestern Power Administration, Western Area Power Administration, and Bonneville Power Administration — $3.583 billion (over five years); $5.512 billion (over 10 years)

Environmental Protection Agency

• Geographic programs — $427 million
• Energy Star and voluntary climate programs — $66 million

Health and Human Services

• Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program — $3.384 billion
• Community Services Block Grant — $714 million
• Health professions and nursing training programs — $403 million
• Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality — $333 million
• Social Services Block Grant — $8.085 billion (over five years); $16.47 billion (over 10 years)
• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Contingency Fund — $2.999 billion (over five years); $6.039 billion (over 10 years)

Homeland Security

• Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program — $190 million
• Transportation Security Administration Law Enforcement Grants — $45 million

Housing and Urban Development

• Community Development Block Grant program — $2.994 billion
• HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Choice Neighborhoods — $948 million
• Choice Neighborhoods program — $125 million
• Indian Community Development Block Grant — $60 million
• Self-help Homeownership Opportunity Program — $56 million


• Abandoned Mine Land Grants — $90 million
• Heritage Partnership Program — $19 million
• National Wildlife Refuge Fund — $13 million
• Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act unobligated balances — $230 million (over 5 or 10 years)
• Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act Repeal — $1.685 billion (over 5 years); $3.56 billion (over 10 years)
• Repeal Enhanced Geothermal Payments to Counties — $17 million (over five years); $37 million over 10 years)

Justice Department

• State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which reimburses states for costs of incarcerating certain criminal undocumented immigrants — $210 million


• Senior Community Service Employment Program, which aims to transition low-income, unemployed seniors to unsubsidized jobs — $434 million
• Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Training — $82 million
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Susan Harwood training grants — $11 million


• Five Earth Science Missions — $191 million
• Office of Education — $78 million

State Department, USAID, Treasury International Programs

• Development Assistance account — $2.509 billion
• P.L. 480 Title II Food Aid — $1.713 billion
• Global Climate Change Initiative and Green Climate Fund — $1.59 billion
• Earmarked appropriations for nonprofits: The Asia Foundation and East-West Center — $34 million


• National Infrastructure Investments, TIGER program, which awards funding for projects — $499 million


• Global Agriculture and Food Security Program — $43 million
• New grants to Community Development Financial Institutions — $210 million

To see other aspects of Trump’s budget proposal, click here and here.
Material from the Associated Press was used in this report. Matt Rocheleau can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @mrochele

A Wakeup Call for America

A Wakeup Call for America
Welfare Goes Away
Wm Mount
May 25 2017









The TRUE REASON James Comey was FIRED!!!!

FBI Director James Comey is a Pedophile who had sex with little boys and Prince Andrew
Sent to us by reader with request to provide FYI:

Today, in the morning, I watched GoldFish Report #96 with Kent Dunn  (see a link below), in which Mr. Dunn briefly mentioned about Pedophile James Comey and a little boys whom Comey likes…
As a responsible citizen of the United Stated of America Republic, I immediately started my investigation.
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 James Comey having sex with Prince Andrew
Dressed as Howdy Doody
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 BREAKING NEWS: FBI director James Comey Is a Pedophile! Hillary Has the Tapes to Prove It… [VIDEO]
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years boy dressed as Howdy Doody and Comey has sex with Prince Andrew dressed as Howdy Doody; 
Bill  Clinton watch James Comey has sex with little boys,  watch at 7:40 
 “Shocking News” James Comey Is A Child Molester! Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, Andrew In Sex Trade
In this video, he discusses in some lurid detail the alleged video evidence that his friend inside the FBI has of James Comey, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton etc. engaging in sex acts with each other and with children.
E.T. Williams claims to have personally viewed a video of James Comey and Prince Charles engaging in gay sex with each other (10:58)
Maybe his FBI friend is a liar but I felt I had to post this as this guy is a prolific YouTuber and as I said, does not have a reputation for making wild claims unless he is clearly joking.

James Comey's Howdy Doody Infatuation and Subliminal Messaging (pizzagate) 
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Hey guys, so today I was showing a few of my friends a video as some of you may have seen before, which is E.T. Williams calling out FBI Director James Comey, saying he's a child molester and is obsessed Howdy Doody, as well as his affiliation in trafficking rings with Prince Andrew, Epstein and Bill Clinton.
Now, I've been a pretty longtime subscriber of the Doctor of Common Sense, and while he may be comedic at times, he is always seeking the truth and trying to call things how he sees it. I do believe his story. So we wanted to see what Howdy Doody was all about because we're god damned millennials, so we went to Youtube. But what my friends and I discovered after watching a few Howdy Doody videos was pretty fuckin creepy to say the least.
Look at this video of the show from 1950s:
Look closely and you can see subliminal messaging multiple times. Here's a video I found which shows how the "Doodyville" sign in the intro represents the Moloch.
But here's the creepy part: look at the video right around the 33 second mark. Did you catch that?
CREEPY HUH? It flashes for about a millisecond. And this is what they're showing children?
Also there's another one at 24 seconds: Album
Weird, a creepy Wayne Gacy- esque clown holding a sign that seems to be a PO Box number, but weird, because when I watch other episodes from the same year, they advertise their PO Box as this:
Why would they flash that image so fast and why is the PO Box different?
Also here's some screenshots of some pretty pedolike clips from the show:
Look at how the host creepily puts his arm around little girls, and they're clearly creeped out! just look at their faces.
Could this show be an early form of MK Ultra? Could this kind of stuff be a reason why James Comey has a sick obsession with Howdy Doody? Is my tinfoil hat on too tight?